Dead Heading Drift® Roses


When a flush of rose blooms start to lose their luster, you may find yourself wanting to trim out these less than attractive, spent blooms. Although it isn't necessary since Drift® Roses are self-cleaning (they do all the work for you!) dead heading is an easy task and can be done whenever you feel like tidying up.



  • Gardening Gloves

  • Pruning Shears


Step 1. Determine which blooms you'd like to get rid of

You want to leave the blooms that are still colorful and not dried out. Look for the blooms that have turned brown and crunchy.


Step 2. Find the five-leaflet set

Before cutting, look down the stem of the rose you are wanting to get rid of and look for a five-leaflet set (five full leaves together). You want to make your cut just above the first five-leaflet set that you see.


Step 3. Make the cut

Make the cut just above the first five-leaflet set and continue cutting out the spent blooms until you are happy with how your rose bush looks.

Carly Marshiano